Facility Outreach


The Workshop/Seminars utilize an interactive format whereby we present typical challenges faced by those with hearing loss and the effect it has on their families. You will be introduced to the latest hearing aid assistive listening device options, personal communicators, and hearing instruments. All Ears promises that presentations are informative, educational with no direct sales approach at any of the Workshops or Seminars.

On-Site Ear Wax / Hearing Screening:

Option1: The Ears Mobile provides opportunity for attendees to have free hearing screenings on site. The mobile office is equipped with a professional sound booth for quiet audiometric hearing testing, ear inspections, computerized digital hearing aid programming, and hearing aid maintenance services.

Option 2: All Ears Hearing Services offers free hearing screenings with our portable testing equipment that can be brought inside your facility. Residents will have the opportunity to receive services without having to step into the mobile vehicle.

Health Fairs:

If your facility is conducts health fairs for your residents, All Ears Hearing Services will bring our video otoscope and large screen monitor so residents can see for themselves if ear wax is present. We provide solutions for those with the need of further services.

Monthly Hearing Aid Service:

All Ears Hearing Services presently conducts monthly visits to many facilities to provide screenings and hearing aid services for those that currently wear hearing aids. We will inspect and program, if needed, their hearing aid to ensure maximum potential for their needs.