Our Team

Mark Selis, President and NBC-HIS

Mark SelisMark began his career in 1978 in the family business, which grew to 12 locations before his family decided to sell the business. With 30+ years of experience, Mark moved to Sarasota with a vision to open his own hearing practice with a unique way of offering hearing service. Not only did Mark outfit a state of the art office in Sarasota, he also created a full service professional “office on wheels” and called it the Earsmobile.

“When I started serving hearing impaired people over 30 years ago, we mostly went to their home. Over time, the services moved into offices that left many people without care. I want to ensure that everyone who has hearing needs can be helped, so along with my office, I created a fully mobile office that I can professionally take care of those who are not able to come to me. All Ears Hearing Services is dedicated to helping everyone with a hearing loss through professional audiology services.”  - Mark Selis

Mark has a National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences and is licensed to fit and dispense hearing aids in Florida. He has helped thousands of people improve their hearing.  He attends manufacturers’ product classes to give him a complete understanding of the latest complex digital technologies and the software programs to better serve you.

Mark believes you know best how well a hearing aid is working when you wear it. He has demonstrator hearing aids from several manufacturers for you to try out before you decide if you want to purchase.  Should you decide to purchase new hearing aids; All Ears offers a 60 day full money back guarantee with no fees if you decide to return the hearing aids. Its truly a WIN-WIN RISK FREE PROGRAM.