Hearing Aid Evaluation

If hearing loss is present after we complete your comprehensive hearing evaluation, we will explain how hearing aids benefit you and answer your questions.  All hearing aid fittings are based on your individual needs and we choose the proper hearing aids from all major manufacturers. Taking into account your individual lifestyle and communication needs we select of the hearing instrument that is right for you.

Aural Rehabilitation

Follow up appointments after the initial fitting is extremely important so we can address any questions or concerns you might have about your hearing aids and your hearing experience. We will provide you with the right tools of communication to enhance your listening and hearing needs. Aural rehabilitation is an ongoing process that will be available to you throughout the life of your hearing instrument.

Hearing Aid Repairs

If your hearing aids malfunction and/or needs repair we can assist you with any problems you might have. We are equipped to repair most issues in our office and if necessary we can send it to the manufacturer to repair for you. We sometimes can loan you another instrument to use while your hearing aid is in repair.